University of Phoenix User Profile


University of Phoenix User Profile

The center of the online student experience


Multiple fractured and un synced profiles across multiple sites as well no integration between information on the profile and the larger ecosystem.


Developed the complete User Experience in the soup to nuts user profile. Account creation , editing, advertisement, and social components were all functions within the profile. I worked with stakeholders to prioritize and iteratively add features such as faculty facing and faculty, multilevel privacy, social & unified sign in, as well as behavioral targeting and customization.

Time Period

January 2012 – June 2013

The Challenge

One profile to rule them all!

The user profile for the University of Phoenix was an under utilized feature on both the public facing marketing site as well as behind the pay wall for enrolled students and the faculty that taught them. There was no ability to track marketing efforts effectiveness and actual enrollment as the two systems created separate profiles that never synced causing in accurate and duplicate entries.


The Requirements

Starting from the beginning

I started with building personas of the users that would ultimately be using my profile. Interviewing students , faculty and staff to see what information they would find useful to view and then matching them to the systems they tied into. I then worked with the business stake holders to see how I could use the profile to help them draw a better picture of our students using this data and how ultimately we could adopt my product into the overall student experience. Using version one I then built out epics which contained the user stories that would be turned into tasks for the development staff

The Research

Analytics, Interviews & competitive analysis

User testing was done throughout the project at all phases. Online questionnaire and interviews were done at every iteration to ensure we were on the right track and delivering something that was not only useful to the students learning experience but gave useful data to feed into our predictive models for student success. We spent many hours in the lab testing the most streamlined and pain free process to get sometimes unwilling students to fill out the entire process.


The Deliverables

wireframes, prototypes & more



Who uses this thing?



Googles Application suite integration



How to create the main profile



The profile how it lives in the ecosystem

The Results

A true way to track students through the life cycle from RFI to graduation

We really wanted to integrate the profile in with the classroom and make the profile an integral part of the student experience. Eventually we were able to make the completion of the profile an assignment during orientation to serve as an activity in familiarizing the new user to the online ecosystem. The profile became the online imago of the student that contained an activity feed of their social interactions as well as a introduction and calling card for the rest of their student career.