Peets Coffee & Tea Checkout & Profile


Peets Checkout flow & Profile

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean its useable


The company had just went through a major site redesign and had contracted it out to an agency with extensive print capabilities. The design was stunning but no user experience considerations had been made when redesigning the check out flow or account areas. This oversight led in a dramatic 50% drop in key conversion rate of reoccurring orders and check out dropped causing concern.


I was brought in as a User Experience Architect to work with a visual designer to re think and re engineer the ordering, checkout, main navigation and account sections of the website. We created flows, wireframes and mockups for user testing and delivered them to off shore development and Qa teams before the fast approaching holiday season.

Time Period

This process was from July 2013 to October 2013

The Challenge

Print design studios don’t always do usability so good

The timelines were tight in this project we were racing to fix the drop in subscriptions while simultaneously working to add new features back in that the business lost in the redesign. Having to negotiate constraints of the Magento shopping cart system I found balance between existing “well thats just the way it works” and the ideal state. We also were dealing with a third party vendor for doing the remote testing and the technology constraints and challenges with having to do something quickly and with less than perfect testing scenarios.


The Requirements

Fixing the problem and improving

Largely open ended I worked with customer service reps and business stakeholders to identify the main use cases and prioritize them. First and foremost to try and solve for the drop in revenue and deal with the call volume that had spiked since the relaunch. With a heuristic evaluation I uncovered several easy things like error handling that were obvious usability errors and helped uncover technical glitches that ultimately were causing people to call in, and not order products. One of the biggest factors is users were now forced to login and or create an account to add anything to the shopping cart! Not good..

The Research

Competitive, Data analysis and User Testing

Data should be at the heart of any design but the organization had limited amounts of that so we took what little we had and also looked at the major competitors to see what the industry standards were around things like coffee subscriptions and checkout with special items. We tested the designs with paper prototypes across three groups of users of new landing pages, the new navigation and the checkout flow.The three groups of users were made up of regular return shoppers, new existing shoppers and people completely unfamiliar with the shopping experience of buying coffee online.


The Deliverables

blueprints for the solution



Check out and adding item to cart


Card Sorting

Main navigation



User Profile & checkout

The Results

A great holiday season with conversions higher than the year before

We had success on the landing page to draw the user in cross promotion with marketing blurbs as well as inform the user on the new section and how the concept of tours worked. The drop in revenue was corrected and the new sections received the traffic and conversions that were expected. The business also saw the results it wanted with the new navigation items and arrangement of the main navigation and the overall the call volume dropped in support calls which lowered labor costs too!